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Custom Molding

Our services include general injection molding, precision injection molding , double injection moulding and gas-assisted injection molding etc. Owing to strict quality management system and out of the art production equipment, we can provide high quality plastic molded products to customer .


With years of experience in injection molding, our technicians can handle injection machines skillfully in temperature, injection pressure and speed according to part's plastic resin and mould conditions.


  • plastic injection molding workshop Plastic Molded Workshop
  • plastic injection molded partsPlastic Molded Parts 1
  • plastic injection molded partsPlastic Molded Parts 2

We are equipped with high speed injection moulding machines and full automatic robots in order to improve automation precision of injection molding and product stability. Our expertise in tooling leads to better products in molding.


We own injection machines with clamping forces ranging from 5 tons to 1000tons.

Our plastic injection molding capability serves a wide range of markets:

1. Automotive parts and accessory;

2. Plastic household commodity;

3. Screw caps and bottle;

4. Medical devices and disposables;

5. Injection Moulds for Laboratory Disposables;

6. Electronics and electrical device accessory;

7. Pipe fitting parts and accessory;

8. Plastic Toys Parts;

9. The other industrial parts .

plastic resin can be ABS, PS, PP, PC, PVC, PE, POM, PMMA, and PTFE etc.