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Mold Manufacturing

Our tool factory are able to build plastic moulds ranging from small to large size; from single cavity and prototype molds to multi cavity and family molds. Most of the SMT staff have been in the mold tooling industry for more than ten years.

We believe: Skillful technicians + advanced equipment + good management= high quality product.


We widely adopt hot runner technology, mold flow analysis technology , hot and balance technology , gas-assistance technology to exceed customers' unique requirements in mold manufacturing.

Besides HASCO , DME , PARKER , STAUBLI standard fittings are widely used in mold making.


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  • plastic injection mold manufacturing workshopPlastic Molds Manufacturing 2
  • plastic injection mold manufacturing workshopPlastic Injection Molds Tooling 3

Our mold manufacturing facility has experienced continuous growth since it was established in 1990. To meet the most stringent industry demands, we keep introducing the latest in high-tech CNC equipment and CAD/CAM software such as UG,Pro/engineer and AutoCAD etc. All of them are capable of sophisticated geometry, multi-contoured surfaces, high-precision tolerances and unattended machining.


We are proficient in mold manufacturing such as:

1. Automotive parts molds;

2. Plastic toys parts molds;

3. Screw caps and bottle molds;

4. Medical devices and disposables molds;

5. Pipe fitting parts and accessory molds;

6. Plastic household commodity molds;

7. Injection Moulds for Laboratory Disposables molds;

8. Electronics and electrical device accessory molds;

9. The other industrial parts molds.


With our advanced equipment and rich experience, we are ready to meet your unique tooling requirements with high quality and competitive cost.