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Mold Designing

We are proficient in designing all kind of plastic molds such as auto parts molds, medical device molds, electronic and electrical device molds, home appliance parts molds, pipe fitting molds, die casting, blow molds etc and also familiar with DME, HASCO specification.


The latest CAD softwares are widely used in mold designing such as UG, Pro/Engineer and AUTOCAD etc.


  • plastic mold design Plastic Molds Designing 1
  • plastic injection mold designingPlastic Injection Molds Designing2
  • plastic injection mold designingPlastic Injection Molds Designing 3

The experienced mold design and development engineers strictly enforce the PDCA workflow such as " planning, implementation, check and improvement" during mold designing.


With the SMT employee's high technique and rich experience, we are able to deliver quality molds at reasonable price and short lead time to exceed our customers' expectation.

plastic mold designing workflow