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Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping plays a very important role during making mold.

Our rapid prototyping approach uses the latest technologies and most advanced materials to achieve your prototyping goals.

Rapid Prototyping is a great way to reduce the costs and reduce the risk of the product development process.

SMT can offer high quality rapid prototyping service at a reasonable price and short lead time, helping you turn your idea into reality to verify your product design before mold tooling.


  • plastic Rapid prototyping part Rapid prototyping part 1
  • plastic Rapid prototyping partRapid prototyping part 2
  • plastic Rapid prototyping partRapid prototyping part 3

Rapid prototyping benefits:

1. Eliminate or decrease costly mistakes;

2. Enhance communication and collaboration;

3. Better determine product strengths and weaknesses;

4. Reduce time to market;

5. Gauge consumer interest in product;

6. Product design and feasibility proof-of-concept;

7. Improve ROI.


We offer:

Reverse Engineering;

• Concept Visualization;

• Soft Tooling;

• LA/SLS Prototypes in several materials.