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Mold Tooling Equipments

With advanced equipments, leading edged tooling process and experienced employees, we are able to supply our customers with high quality plastic injection molds and plastic molded products.


  • plastic molds CNC Machine CNC Machine
  • injection molds High Speed CNC MachineHigh Speed CNC Machine
  • EDM MachineEDM Machine

Our skilled technicians are capable of meeting and even exceeding the customer's demands on quality with the help of state-of –the-art equipments and unique mould manufacturing process.

We makes every effort to create simple structure, more precise, stronger rigidity, longer durability and high technology product.

  • Grinding Machine Grinding Machine
  • plastic injection molds Wirecut MachineWirecut Machine
  • plastic molds Milling MachineMilling Machine

By using the latest CNC Technologies (High Speed CNC, Precision EDM and Precision Wire Cutting etc.), we can produce precision, competitive plastic molds on time.

SMT is a highly skilled and competent plastic mold manufacturer, mold repair and maintenance are also supported internally.