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Plastic Injection Machine

SMT is very skilled in handling such materials: PC, ABS, PP, POM, NYLON, HDPE, PVC, HIPS, TPU, TPR, etc.

We are also capable of molding all engineering grade resins, even the latest LCPs and Tungsten and iron filled materials.

Continuous inspection on the shop floor assures the products are being produced to meet customer specification.

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We possess both the knowledge and injection molding equipments to achieve the ultimate material properties. Personnel training and preventative maintenance programs insures excellent performance from all our production employees and equipments.


Our capabilities in plastic molding:

1. Equipments: Microprocessor controlled vertical and horizontal injection molding machines.

  40 Presses ranging from 35 to 1000 tons are currently located at our facility.

2. Two shots capability.

3. Plastic molds temperature control devices to maintain temperatures from 32°F to 450°F.

4. Computer controlled material dryers that dry to -45°F Dew Point.

5. Automatic material blending, conveying and loading equipment.