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How To Maintain The Plastic Injection Mold

Firstly, plastic injection mold is very high technological content, various parts of many, if in the use of the process does not pay attention to various parts of the maintenance and the maintenance, easy to damage, corrosion, causing tens of thousands even millions yuan economic loss. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the use of the process of injection mold 's maintenance and the maintenance, to ensure the quality of long-term use of injection mold. Therefore, the processing enterprises should first give each pair of injection mold with history card, detailed records, statistics, the use of damage, can be found which component, component is damaged, the wear degree, to find and solve the problems of information, as well as the process parameters, the materials used in products, in order to shorten the injection mold testing time, improve production efficiency.

Secondly, the processing enterprises should be in the , injection mold of normal running condition, the test of injection mold all kinds of performance, and the final molded plastic part dimension and measure out, through which information can be determined injection mold of the existing state, find out the cavity, core, cooling system and the parting surface, damage location, according to plastic provides information, you can determine the damage state of injection mold and repair measures.

In third, several important parts of to focus tracking detection. Ejector, guide member 's role is to ensure that injection mold opening and closing movement and top out of plastic parts, if any parts due to injury and stuck, will lead to production, it should always check the ejector rod, guide post whether the occurrence of deformation and damage on the surface, once discovered, will change in time. Complete a production cycle, to sports, guiding component anti-rust oil, should take seriously especially with gear, rack die bearing parts of the protective and spring die stretch strength, to ensure that it is always in the best working condition. In addition, a cooling duct cleaning on production efficiency and product quality related major. With the continuous production time, cooling way easily deposited scale, rust, silt and algae, the cooling channel section becomes smaller, the cooling channel narrows, greatly reduce the cooling liquid and the injection mold of heat exchange between the rate of increase of production cost of enterprise, thus, the clear channel should be caused take seriously. For hot runner mold, heating and control system maintenance is beneficial to prevent the production of failure, it is particularly important. Therefore, each of the production cycle to injection mold with heater, rod type heater, heating probe and thermocouple using an ohmmeter measurement, if damaged, must be replaced, and the injection mold resume are compared, make a record, so that timely find problems, adopt answer measure.

Fourth, pay attention to the surface of the injection mould maintenance, it directly affects the surface quality of the products, focusing on preventing corrosion. When the injection mold of production tasks to complete, according to the different injection different ways to take careful removal of residual injection, available copper, copper wire and soap water to remove residual injection mold and other sediments, then air dry. Disable wire, steel and other hard objects to clean, so as not to scratch the surface. If any corrosive injection caused by rust, to use the grinding machine grinding and polishing, and coated with antirust oil, and then the injection mold placed in dry, cool, no dust Department store.

A pair of through good maintenance and maintenance of , mold assembly, can shorten test time, reduce production fault, make production running smoothly, ensure the quality of products, reduce the loss, and reduce the operation cost of the enterprise and the fixed assets investment, present a production cycle begins, the enterprise to produce quality products. Therefore, the injection products processing enterprises, in the current market competition intense circumstance falls, good maintenance of injection mold, can help the enterprise a helping hand.

In addition to maintenance of injection mold, also needs to take care of.