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Mold Tooling FAQ

1. What is SMT product cost?

We can provide you estimation on both the mold and part cost. Generally speaking, our cost is about 40% to 60% less than US cost.


2. How many moulds can you make every month?

We can make 25-35 sets moulds every month without outsourcing.


3. What is your common lead time for mold constructing?

Our common lead time from design approval to T1 sampling is 2-7 weeks, depending on mold requirements and part complexity.


4. How long can I get my quote back?

You will have your quote the next business day after a 2D or 3D CAD file is sent to us.
The quote is valid for 45 days


5. What type of CAD Files is acceptable for you?

IGS, STEP, STP, X_T, PRT, DWG, STL, DXF, PDF etc. CAD formats are acceptable for us.


6. What's the prerequisite for quotation?

2D drawing or 3D data is needed. If not, product sample is also okay.


7. How many percent of the talent flow in your company each year?

The percentage is quite small, only about 2-3%. Most of them have worked in our factory more than five years.


8. Which do you use for components, metric or inch?

Both metric and inch components are available for our customers. So,it is up to you.


9. What's the lead time of mold design?

We will send you 2D mold design in 2 or 3 days after part model confirmed, and offer you 3D data files 3 or 4 days later after 2D mold design confirmed.



10. Are there limitations to SMT The maximum size of mold ?

we can build is 3meters for length, 3meters for width and 2meters for height.


11. How to send sample?

The quote we submit to you including the cost of sample delivery. We send sample by DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT. It takes 3-5 days deliver to Europe or USA.


12. What's your tooling accuracy?

The state-of-the-art machines laid us a solid foundation for high-precision tooling, the accuracy we can achieve is as follows, wire-cutting 0.005um, grinding machines 0.002um, CNC0.002um and EDM 0.005um.


13. Can you build hot runner molds?

Yes, we can. Appropriately 35% molds we built are hot runner molds, we are also very familiar with various kinds of hot runner system, such as DME, Mold Master, Mastertip, Hasco, Yudo and Husky, etc.


14. Have you ever built over mold, insert mold, two-color mold, double stack mold and electroformed mold?

Yes, we have experience in producing all these kinds of moulds.



15. Can you explain your terms of payment?

Generally we quote base on FOB SHENZHEN. For new mold, 40% deposit, 30% on first trial, 30% before delivery. For modify mold, 100% one week upon the approval of the updated samples. For prototype mold, pay 50% when place P.O, and another 50% before mold delivery.


16. How can we know the progress of mold-making?

Once your mold-making project is started, we will offer you weekly status report to let you know the progress in a timely and responsible manner.


17. Do you sign non-disclose agreement?

Yes. We understand the sensitive nature of customer project. If we didn't get customer approval, we will not disclose any kinds of information to the third party.


18. How to pack the mold after finalized?

After the molds were built completely, we will spray the rust resistance ointment on its surface then put it into a bag. Finally we will pack the mold into a crate using angle iron.


19. What type of steel do you use?

Buderus 1.2738(Germany), DAIDO NAK80 and NAK55(Japan), IMPAX 718H(Sweden), LKM 738H(Dongguan),  LKM2344(Dongguan), P20HH(USA), P20LQ(USA), LKM 2311(Dongguan), LKM 2312(Dongguan), etc.


20. How do you do the texture/text/heat-treatment/nitriding and so on?

We have the cooperative subsidiary factories to do that. They are more professional.


21. What kind of plastic resin do you use ?

ABS, PP, PC, PE,HDPE,POM, PA6, PA66, PA6+GF, PS, PMMA, TPU, TPE, PVC,SMC,BMC,GMT,LFT,Symalite etc. We have rich experience for molding product with these materials and know how to adjust Parameter to get the perfect product.


22. Can you provide the steel certificate and heat-treatment certificate?

Yes, we can. The steel supplier and heat-treatment factory can provide the certificates.


23. Are factory visits encouraged?

Yes, you are always welcome to visit our factory and we will work with customers to assist in obtaining the necessary Visa paperwork, travel plans, accommodations, etc.