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Mold Tooling Quality Control

Sino Mold Tooling (SMT) is committed to delivering plastic moulds of zero defects to every customer on every project. To make this happen, we follow a five-step quality assurance process based on the Inspection, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Track cycle.


"High quality, low cost, efficiently and on time, continually improvement and try for the best" is quality policy of SMT . "Customer satisfaction ≧ 95% ,delivery on time≧ 98%" is quality target of SMT .


We have many qualified suppliers. Mold base and mold steel are from LKM,ASSAB,THYSSEN and DAIDO; hot runner system from YUDO,MOLD-MARSTER,HASCO,DME,HUSKY.

We also can choose international standard components from LKM,DAIDO,HASCO and DME to meet customers' individual requirements and help them cost down.


  • plastic mold quality control equipment Quality Check Machine1
  • plastic mold quality control equipmentQuality Check Machine 2
  • plastic mold quality control equipmentQuality Check Machine 3


All mold tooling and parts are constantly monitored by our Quality Assurance Department: drawing auditing, copper electrode test, EDM test, wire cutting test, milling machine processing test; finished mould product test and pre-shipment test to meet your specifications including material, dimensional accuracy, surface finish, moulding standard, inspection, and packaging.


With ISO 9001 compliant, Sino Mold Tooling keeps total quality under control and also put emphasis upon problem prevention in advance.


In order to let customer know what's latest status of the project, weekly report will be sent to customer by the person who is responsible for the project.


Quality department strictly enforces the PDCA inspection process:

plastic mold quality control process